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The end game is to enhance the creation of efficient and decentralized systems. Aion online is another high profile Blockchain interoperability project that seeks to address unresolved questions around scalability and interoperability in blockchain networks. Developers are planning to position Aion as the standard protocol used by various blockchains.

-What if someone like entering previously hashed data as a learning/training set into an AI system for example. In fact the AI thought just crossed my mind in this very moment. (If we humans cannot analyze some patterns, doesn't mean AI can't)

However, transferring information between two different chains is not possible. Interoperability of blockchains is of great importance, as it will go a long way in making it easy for people to transact on other blockchains seamless. Currently one can only transact on one blockchain at a go i.e.

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The birthday paradox (as per the answer) states that you only need $2^$ hashes for a 50% chance of a collision. $\begingroup$ @Vérace your maths isn't quite right. So you would have $136 * 2^$ particles to store each hash. Of course this is still wildly impractical!

Financial Year 2022-23 and onwards. The provisions for taxation of virtual digital asset (except TDS) are proposed to be effective from April 1, 2022 i.e. However, there is no clarity with respect to the taxation of crypto assets which the taxpayers would have transferred or sold or gifted upto the financial year 2021-22.

A bitcoin can also be considered as an invisible currency with only the transaction records between different addresses. Every transaction ever made using Bitcoin is stored in a public ledger called a Blockchain. Bitcoin transactions are digitally signed for security. The first part contains the bitcoin wallet address of the sender, the second part contains the amount that has been sent, and the third part contains the bitcoin wallet address of the recipient. A transaction contains 3 pieces of information . Everyone on the network gets to know about a transaction.

The Bitcoin then started as a peer-to-peer network to generate a system for electronic transactions. "Satoshi Nakamoto" is presumed to be the pen name for the person or people who designed the original bitcoin. Bitcoin was first introduced in the year 2009 as a medium of exchange. Since then, there has a been a rapid growth in the usage as well as the value of bitcoin and is a popular system of digital currency.

$\begingroup$ Consider that Eddington's number =136 * $2^ \approx 10^$. Now, Eddington's number purports (see Wiki for assumptions - hint - huge) to be the number of fundamental particles (protons + electrons, assuming that a neutron is made up of a proton and an electron)) in the universe. I put in the 2 for a 50% change of a clash - is my maths OK? So, you'd basically only have 2 * 136 (= 272) particles per SHA-256 hash to be available to store your data for a collision (+ overhead)?

The blockchain is distributed identically across different decentralized nodes, ensuring no one organization can own or manipulate it. The blockchain is a digital database, composed of encrypted blocks of data which are "chained" together and secured by complex math problems The math problems involving matching nonces and hashes is almost impossible to change later — the record of previous actions on the blockchain is highly accurate and secure from manipulation.

$\begingroup$ The human brain is exceptionally bad at imagining large numbers. This reminds me of a question for a list of all 1024 bit prime numbers. Anyway: Hexadecimal output is not all lowercase letters. And then it would be $36^$, not $64^$ - which is vastly different. And that is just one way to express all $2^$ possible outputs (and the actual number format is entirely irrelevant, cryptocurrency just computers tend to use hexadecimal often).

Whether or not digital currencies are the future remains to be seen. For now, it seems as if blockchain’s meteoric rise is more starting to take root in reality than pure hype. Though it’s still making headway in this entirely-new, highly-exploratory field, blockchain is also showing promise beyond Bitcoin.

The number of blockchain interoperability projects is on the rise as a result as developers look to accelerate blockchain mass adoption. Given the ever-growing need to enhance the connection between various blockchain networks, many developers are already working on optimal solutions.

Cross chain, technology seeks to solve all these issues, by enabling interoperability between blockchains thus making it easy for btc them to communicate with one another and share information. The fact that the chains operate in isolation has mostly made it impossible for people to enjoy the full benefits the ledger technology. The inability of different blockchains to communicate with one another has made it impossible for people to enjoy the full benefits of blockchain technology.

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